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C3 Europe

Europe. A continent amass in fascinating history, spectacular art and towering feats of nature. It boasts some of the most beautiful cities, full of rich culture and diversity of language. Europe is an explorer’s treasure chest.

With a population of nearly 748 million and only 2.5% evangelical Christians, Europe is bursting in its need for personal relationship with God and relevant, spirit filled churches. It’s in a post-Christian context we know the light shines brightest.

We are currently in nearly 50 locations, and we have a dream to double this in the foreseeable future. 

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Recent News:

  • New Churches : Milano City Church, C3 NYC Berlin, C3 Destiny Porto, C3 Euskirchen (Germany), C3 Home Ludwigslust Parchim (Germany), The Collective Budapest
  • New Buildings: C3 Den Haag (The Netherlands), C3 Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)
  • In Europe we have launched C3 Help which is designed to help in situations of humanitarian crises. Our churches, through C3 Help have been able to be actively involved in getting medical supplies, cooking facilities, food and other aid into many cities in Ukraine. We are also now actively involved in Turkey supporting in the care of the earthquake aftermath.
  • C3 Hope (Sheffield) started a grocery store, where struggling families or individuals can shop for next to nothing. It is proving to be a fantastic outreach.
  • C3 Imagine (Amsterdam) have started a C3 Cares outreach in 2 communities around the city. Providing food, clothing and preaching the gospel. Many are finding Christ.
  • C3 Lausanne have opened a cafe and book shop in the heart of the city, with a plan to run courses (for parenting, marriage and other practical helps) to reach the city.
  • C3 YRKS in York are involved in the chaplaincy of their local soccer club. Along with one of the players, who is a Christian, they have been going into schools to talk about Jesus and making quite an impact.


In addition to C3 Stara Zagora buying and now in the process of reconverting a building without any debt, they have started 7 gypsy churches in villages in the surrounding area and beyond. Some of these have up to 250 people meeting in places like the basement of the pastor’s home.

The Future Looks Like:

We plan to strengthen the hub countries where we have a number of churches with the goal to expand this rapidly. Countries such as the UK, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands.

We are increasing the different avenues to train our pastors and teams, in retreats, masterclasses, Xpress church planter bootcamps, Pastors days and our regional gathering.

Our eye is set on expanding into cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Dublin, Warsaw and Rome.


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