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Why should I upload a resource?
Why does the Global Website have a resource database?
Why does my profile need approval?
Why do I need a profile?
Why do I get the reminder emails?
Why can’t I see my stats?
Why are we reporting weekly instead of monthly?
Who is Global?
Who do I contact per region?
Who can see the resources?
Who can contribute to it?
Who can access my conference information?
What resources should I upload?
What is the resource database?
What is
What if more than one role applies to me?
What if I don't have all the information I need to report for the week?
What happens to the conference information after the conference ends?
What files are accepted on the resource page?
What can I put onto my conference page?
What are the tags?
What are the sub-folders?
What are the regions?
What are the primary folders?
What are the dots on the global church map?
The Help Page does not have the answers I need. Who do I contact?
The drop down menus in the registration form are not working.
My login is working, but the pages are blank. What happened?
My login is not working. What do I do?
How do I view a source?
How do I upload a resource?
How do I report my stats?
How do I join the C3 Church Movement?
How Do I Get a Log In for the C3 Church Global Website?
How do I find a resource?
How do I edit my conference information?
How do I add my conference?
How can I report stats for multiple churches?
How can I access my stats?
Can we download the resources?
Can we add more sub-folders?
Can we add more Primary Folders?
Can the reminder emails be stopped?
Can I search the resources by title?
Can I search the resources by file type?
Can I search the resources by church?
Can I search the resources by author?
Can I preview a resource before downloading it?
Can I post conferences sessions on the Global Website?
Can I get reports from the stats page?
Can I get my conference on the homepage
Can I embed a video as a resource?
Can I edit my stats?
Can I edit my resources?
Can I edit my conference information?
Can I edit my church information?
Can I download an embedded video?
Can I delete my resources?
Can I create a general login for multiple users to use?
Can I contact an individual church?
Can I change my username?
Can I change my password?