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C3 North Hollywood (aka NoHo) is the newest plant born from C3 Lawrenceville. In 2007, Ps. Dean and Jill felt the pull to plant a new church in LA. After praying hard about it and visiting the city on several occasions, Ps. Dean and Jill launched the C3 Church North Hollywood campus. Ever since, C3 NoHo has seen a wave of young people coming to Christ every Sunday. This church thrives on the artistic vision and vibe of a Creative God connecting to His children. Worship, dance, photography, and performance are the keys to C3 NoHo's reach. The church doubles as an arts center called NoHo Pac (North Hollywood Performing Arts Center). They host a plethora of performers, events, and classes that draw in the Hollywood dreamers who flock to Las Angeles every year. These dreamers are then connected to the Creator and Giver of Dreams, and through Him, they find their destinies fulfilled. God wants to win back His artists, and C3 NoHo is in the center of that movement. There is no telling what He has in store next for this young and vibrant church. Come see what NoHo has going on every Sunday at 5:15pm.


Dean & Jill Sweetman
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NoHoPAC | 11020 Magnolia Blvd


United States of America


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+1 818 64 66 919