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C3 Church exists to connect people to God. The church is full of people who have discovered an incredible richness of life that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.Contrary to a view held by many people, God is not dreary, depressed or weak. Rather He is vibrant, joyful and powerful. His presence should always give rise to a sense of excitement and a fullness of spirit. This understanding of God is reflected in the enthusiastic and upbeat nature of our church services. Jesus said that He came to earth that we might have a life of abundance (John 10:10).

10am Noosaville state school hall
75 Beckmans Road Noosaville
QLD 4565


Christian & Melissa McCudden
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75 Beckmans road Noosaville

Noosa QLD 4565



Service Times:

10am Sundays


+61 408828216